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Anderson Lab

Comparative Functional Morphology, Biomechanics & the Physiology of Movement

University of South Dakota, Department of Biology

Latest News:

April 2021 - Nikole Schneider received a $1,440 John W. Carlson Research Grant from the College of Arts & Sciences!

- Nicholas Henchal received a $750 CURCS mini-grant from the USD Gallagher Center!

- Alexis Slack received a $720 research grant from the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Opportunity Fund!

March 2021 - Alexis Slack was awarded a UDiscover Summer Research Scholarship to work on 3D printed skull puzzles

from µCT scans as anatomy pedagogical tools over the


February 2021 - Nikole Schneider received a $750

Graduate Research and Creative Scholarship

Grant from the USD Graduate School !

November 2020 - Our paper on the role of

hyoid muscle in chameleon biotremor

production was published in its final

form in The Journal of Experimental


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I am actively seeking both undergraduate and graduate students (M.S. & Ph.D.) to work in my lab. Please visit our Join the Lab page and contact me if interested!