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Anderson Lab

Comparative Functional Morphology, Biomechanics & the Physiology of Movement

University of South Dakota, Department of Biology

Latest News:

January 2018 - Some of our work on chameleon feeding has been featured in a video on the California Academy of Science's online magazine bioGraphic. Click here to see it!

- Samuel Tegge, a M.S. student from WKU collaborator Steve Huskey's lab, is visiting the  Lab to collect muscle physiology data related to our research on vibratory signals in chameleons!

- Chris went to Friday Harbor Laboratories to Scan All The Chameleons! Chris now has µCT scans from 233 specimens, representing 155 species (+5 additional subspecies),

including all 12 genera of chameleons! Thats 75% of all

described chameleon species!

December 2017 - Chris traveled to Costa Rica with

Andrea Liebl (USD) to collect Anolis lizards for

their ongoing collaborative work with Tom

Roberts (Brown University)!

August 2017 - Chris traveled to Chipiona,

Spain to conduct field work on

chameleon feeding & vibratory

communication in Chamaeleo

chamaeleon with Kris Karsten

(California Lutheran


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I am actively seeking both undergraduate and graduate students (M.S. & Ph.D.) to work in my lab. Please visit our Join the Lab page and contact me if interested!