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Anderson Lab

Comparative Functional Morphology, Biomechanics & the Physiology of Movement

University of South Dakota, Department of Biology

Latest News:

May 2022 - Our paper linking differences in gene expression with differences in muscle contractile physiology among jaw and leg muscles in Anolis lizards was just published in the Journal of Comparative Physiology B!

- Our paper from Rachel Drown's MS thesis work on the functional basis for chameleon antipredator response choices was just published in the Journal of Experimental Biology!

February 2022 - Our NSF CAREER award has officially been funded! This award examines how elastic recoil-powered

tongue projection and muscle-powered tongue retraction

in chameleons living in different habitats in southern

Africa specialize to their respective thermal


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I am actively seeking both undergraduate and graduate students (M.S. & Ph.D.) to work in my lab. Please visit our Join the Lab page and contact me if interested!