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Anderson Lab

Comparative Functional Morphology, Biomechanics & the Physiology of Movement

University of South Dakota, Department of Biology

Latest News:

December 2016 - I had a paper published in Southeastern Naturalist on Furcifer oustaleti and a Natural History Note on Anolis roquet published in Herpetological Review.

August 2016 - I've just moved in to my office at the University of South Dakota and am in the process of starting my new lab!

Our KY NSF EPSCoR grant to examine vibrational communication in chameleons with collegues at WKU has been funded!

July 2016 - I presented results of research comparing the

muscle contractile physiology of locomotor and feeding

muscles at the Society of Experimental Biology

meeting in Brighton, United Kingdom!

January 2016 - My new paper on the scaling of

chameleon feeding performance was published

in Scientific Reports and has received media

attention from over 240 news outlets

worldwide, including the New York Times,

Washington Post, Los Angeles Times,

National Geographic, NewsWeek,

Science, and IFLScience!

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I am actively seeking both undergraduate and graduate students (M.S. & Ph.D.) to work in my lab. Please visit our Join the Lab page and contact me if interested!